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Green Plant




You are ready to build upon the Immersion and do the core level healing that resolves the fixed attitudes and beliefs that keep you stuck in repetitive patterns.

Deep Dive is by invitation and the prerequisites are that:​

  • you've had success working with me

  • you are experiencing tangible and positive change in your life 

  • your life is relatively stable and you can handle life's problems as manageable projects

"I worked with Sara, almost weekly, for 6 months. Every session I had with her yielded some sort of shift or change in awareness. I felt ‘free’ of whatever was binding me."

Cynthia, California

"I have been able to rebuild relationships that had all but dissolved. I am not as critical, judgmental and reactive. I have forgiven myself for poor choices. Forgiven others as well. Life is easier, more joyful as a result."

Cindy, Alberta

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