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This is a soft place to land to explore the harder parts of life.  Discover a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and your life. Resolve your current problem while learning to navigate life from your deepest truth.

Your success is the result of expert guidance to a place within where you know who you are as infinitely wise, capable, and connected. You are aware of life’s challenges but not owned by them. You have a new perspective. You see things as they are. You know you have choice. You have capacity to make empowered choices. You live from the true self.

I do not offer analysis, advice, or a new belief system.

This IS a good fit when:

  • You have a current problem and need expert guidance to resolve it

  • You don’t want big emotions to overrun you

  • You want to heal trauma without re-traumatizing

  • You’re feeling stuck, blocked, or want to forward a project

  • You're ready to stop negative self-talk, nagging thoughts, and regret

  • You have a difficult decision to make and you need clarity

  • You’re facing a big change or a life transition

  • You’re processing life events, trauma, depression, loss, or grief

  • You want to resolve an unsettled issue within yourself, with another, or a group of others


This is NOT a good fit when:

  • You want to be told the answers or be given advice

  • You are not willing to self-inspect

  • You are not likely to honor our agreements around commitment, time, and payment


During our work together we will track your progress setting you on a path forward. 12-week Immersion clients report becoming more self-aware, confident, and capable in life and work.


Immersion Includes:

  • Initial Intake

  • 12 weekly 90-min Mind Clearing sessions of 1:1 therapeutic processing

  • Weekly Action Projects

  • Email support between sessions

  • Integration call following your Immersion​


Investment $2400 CAD​

"Sara helped me dig deep inside, into corners of my mind I didn't like to venture. Through this work, I am able to check in with myself and trust that the answers are sitting there - waiting for me to just listen."

Lynne, Switzerland

"Very quickly in my second session with Sara I cleared a bunch of previous ideas, expectations and perceptions around my career. I made another discovery that came out at my session was surprising and allowed me to let go of the ghost that I had no idea was haunting my career path."

Valerie, Burnaby

I have been able to rebuild relationships that had all but dissolved. I am not as critical, judgmental and reactive. I have forgiven myself for poor choices. Forgiven others as well. Life is easier, more joyful as a result.

Cindy, Alberta

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