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I’m a seeker. Much of my life has oriented to finding out who I am. I devoured books, documentaries, teachers and teachings, various scripture, multiple workshops, talks, retreats and even plant medicine to help answer the questions, “Who am I? What am I here to do? What do I want? How can I live this life even more deeply fulfilled?”


When I discovered the work of Charles Berner and Lawrence  Noyes, namely Mind Clearing and the Enlightenment Intensive, I finally landed in myself. I now had a way of asking my questions and receiving answers from my deepest truth. Simple guidance that is clear, unwavering and undeniable.

Over the past decade, I’ve been devoted to practicing and teaching this way of asking and receiving and it has cultivated my superpower of a clear grounded presence even in my most challenging times. I draw on it when I’m vulnerable, scared and quite frankly, lost. I also draw upon it when I’m feeling confident, together and in my groove.

I have a strong ally in my truth and my work is to help you rediscover yours.

“You are exceptionally effective in keeping me focused on what is important. I like the way you kept my feet to the fire by bringing me back to the core question. I feel that you helped me make connections that will profoundly affect the way I operate in certain areas moving forward. I will recommend you to others with no hesitation. Thank you so much.”

"Mind clearing is an exceptional practice which has allowed me to be in life more as I truly am. Sara is an empathic, gentle guide with a clear talent. I recommend anyone who is interested in becoming more who they truly are to try a few sessions with her."

Amber, British Columbia

Debra, Vancouver

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