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This is for couples going through life's challenges and want to repair, reconnect or deepen your bond with one another. In each session you will work on the issue or challenge that you want resolved. Through our work in sessions and action projects in between sessions, you will cultivate the depth and intimacy that you long to experience together, in your relationship with one another.


Two people in a relationship important to both i.e.: intimate partnership, business partner, siblings, close friends etc.​


In addition, you will:

  • Communicate so you are heard and understood

  • Learn and practice deep listening 

  • Navigate difficult conversations

  • Cultivate a new depth of understanding, empathy, and compassion for oneself and one another

  • Gain new tools for sacred connection that can be applied outside of session to improve the quality and depth of all your relationships


I believe your relationship is sacred.

I respect the sacred ground of your relationship and I place myself in a supportive position from the outside, rather than trying to enter your relationship and run it for you.


I support couples working things out. I am on the side of your mutual intent to find a better way in your relating that works for both of you. My role is someone who can assist you to improve your way of communicating and working things out, together. 

Each couple will receive

  • Initial intake

  • Weekly 90-minute Couple's sessions

  • Weekly action projects

  • Email support between sessions

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