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For clients who want to resolve a current problem, issue, or challenge and gain a clear understanding of oneself, the situation, and the way forward.

Common problem areas include: 

  • Poor communication

  • Difficult relationships

  • Unhealthy boundaries

  • Money or financial stress

  • Sex or sexuality 

  • Time dysfunction

  • Making difficult decisions

  • Not knowing your life's purpose

  • Difficult life transitions and times of change

  • Limiting beliefs, negative self-talk or nagging thoughts

  • Processing life events, trauma, depression, loss and grief

  • Nagging guilt, regret, hurt, anger or other emotional discord

  • A personal internal question, conflict, challenge or a goal to achieve

  • Unresolved issues within yourself, with another or with a group of others

  • Exiting a relationship, workplace, religion, cult, or other group dynamic


  • 3 weekly 90-minute 1:1 sessions

  • Weekly action projects

  • Email support between sessions​

Investment $585 CAD

I wanted to work with Sara because I had on-going problems in relationships with others. I was overly reactive to people so it caused a problem for me and for them. Some situations had gone on for a long time. Through processing I was able to discharge the upsets I had with people and change the perspective in me which resolved the problems I have had with them and my life. I have the wonderful feeling of being able to be fully engaged in my life now and I have much better experiences in relationship with others. It is a huge breakthrough for me.

A Hill, Langley

Working with Sara has allowed me to unravel and dissolve my great problem that men are privileged, have power, and I do not. Through her deep listening, understanding, intuition, Sara guided me to express and discharge tons of confusion, helpless and unworthy attitudes that blocked me from experiencing my equality with men in working relationships in particular. My sessions with Sara have changed my attitudes toward myself and others. Her work makes a huge difference in my life. I am stronger and more responsible for my own authority.

Merce, USA

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