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  3-Session Solution  


You have a problem, issue, challenge, or situation that's been difficult to resolve on your own and you want to gain a clear understanding of this problem and the way forward. Sometimes it only takes a few sessions for clarity and resolution.

Common problem areas include: 

  • Poor communication

  • Difficult relationships

  • Unhealthy boundaries

  • Money or financial stress

  • Sex or sexuality 

  • Processing trauma

  • Depression, loss and grief

  • Time dysfunction

  • Making difficult decisions

  • Not knowing your life's purpose

  • Difficult life transitions and times of change

  • Limiting beliefs, negative self-talk or nagging thoughts

  • Nagging guilt, regret, hurt, anger or other emotional discord

  • A personal internal question, conflict, challenge or a goal to achieve

  • Unresolved issues within yourself, with another or with a group of others

  • Exiting a relationship, workplace, religion, cult, or other group dynamic


  • Weekly 90-minute 1:1 sessions

  • Weekly action projects

  • Email support between sessions​

"Sara helped me dig deep inside, into corners of my mind I didn't like to venture. Through this work, I am able to check in with myself and trust that the answers are sitting there - waiting for me to just listen."

Lynne, Switzerland

"Very quickly in my second session with Sara I cleared a bunch of previous ideas, expectations and perceptions around my career. I made another discovery that came out at my session was surprising and allowed me to let go of the ghost that I had no idea was haunting my career path."

Valerie, Burnaby

I have been able to rebuild relationships that had all but dissolved. I am not as critical, judgmental and reactive. I have forgiven myself for poor choices. Forgiven others as well. Life is easier, more joyful as a result.

Cindy, Alberta

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