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Why Connect?

Small groups of 6 growth-minded/oriented people come together gather for partner assisted self-inspection

Connect brings together growth-minded people on their journey of self-discovery who are doing their inner work and don't always want to do it alone. 

Gather for fun while doing the deep inner work

Connect to the conscious universal field

Contact, community with people who care

Come out of isolation and engage with dynamic, growth-minded seekers

"know yourself through others"

Connect to your inner healer

It is perfect for people who don't need therapy right now but want to accelerate 

This IS a great fit when:

  • You face a current problem and want expert navigation

This is NOT a good fit when:​

  • You are not likely to honor our agreements like showing up and being on time

During the 3-month Group

Immersion Includes:

  • Initial Intake

  • 12 weekly 90-min Mind Clearing sessions of 1:1 therapeutic processing

  • Weekly Action Projects

  • Email support between sessions

  • Integration call following your Immersion​

Investment $2400 CAD​

"Sara helped me dig deep inside, into corners of my mind I didn't like to venture. Through this work, I am able to check in with myself and trust that the answers are sitting there - waiting for me to just listen."

Lynne, Switzerland

"Very quickly in my second session with Sara I cleared a bunch of previous ideas, expectations and perceptions around my career. I made another discovery that came out at my session was surprising and allowed me to let go of the ghost that I had no idea was haunting my career path."

Valerie, Burnaby

I have been able to rebuild relationships that had all but dissolved. I am not as critical, judgmental and reactive. I have forgiven myself for poor choices. Forgiven others as well. Life is easier, more joyful as a result.

Cindy, Alberta

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