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A Session Intensive creates the dedicated time, sacred space, and expert guidance necessary for deep healing without the momentum of life interfering with your process. You do the core level of healing that resolves the underlying fixed attitudes and beliefs that keep you stuck in repetitive patterns.



  • 6 sessions in 3-days: Two 90-minute sessions daily for three consecutive days

  • Between sessions there is time for rest, contemplation, and integration.

  • Integration call 1-week post Intensive

You are ready for a Session Intensive when:

  • You have had success working with me and you experience tangible and positive change in your life 

  • Currently, your life is relatively stable

A Session Intensive is the ideal format to focus on the area of life that you want to heal or accelerate. Common areas include:

  • Healing trauma

  • Grief, loss and letting go

  • Releasing guilt, regret, and shame

  • Managing change and life transitions

  • Sex, sexuality, or intimacy in relationship

  • Healthy personal and professional boundaries

  • Healing betrayal from others or towards others

  • Codependency, victimhood, and covert hostility

  • Problems generating income or managing money

  • Time dysfunction - too busy, never enough or too much time

I did an Intensive with Sara and I am sure it has changed my life!  A couple days later it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I couldn’t be childish any more!  I GREW UP!  Almost like an initiation of sorts; there is no going back. Thank you Sara!

Teresa, Alberta

I found the karma clearing intensive to be amazing and very thought provoking. Working through individual incidents and relationships really made me feel closure within myself in areas I hadn't even recognized were lacking in. I would highly recommend Sara and Karma Clearing, to anyone who feels uneasy in their current path in life.

Ashley, Alberta

I worked with Sara, almost weekly, for 6 months. Every session I had with her yielded some sort of shift or change in awareness. I felt ‘free’ of whatever was binding me.

Cynthia, California

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