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Working together is unique. I rely on communication techniques that bridge ancient awareness practices and modern psychotherapies designed to access your innermost truth. It is a process that allows for full self- expression, the unwinding of limiting or ‘stuck’ stories, beliefs, attitudes and states of being while building your ability to be empowered and create forward movement. 

I do not offer analysis, advice, or a new belief system.

This is a great fit when:

  • You're ready to to listen to your inner healer

  • You have a problem you want resolved

  • You want to be understood when you communicate

  • You crave functional, fulfilling relationships 

  • You need clear personal and professional boundaries

  • You’re willing to get un-stuck and move forward

  • You're done repeating patterns – different job, same complaints; different partner, same relationship issues

Working Together: About

"The suffering you helped alleviate for me was the pain of being outside of myself."

Kiley, Bowen Island

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WHY WORK TOGETHER? inspire clarity, insight and inspired action. ​

Positive effects

  • High level of self-awareness

  • Clear communication

  • More meaningful relationships

  • Healthy personal boundaries

  • Turn life’s inevitable problems into manageable projects

  • Open the doorway to your deepest spiritual journey

This works best when:

  • You are ready, willing, and able to do your inner work

  • You are willing to self-reflect and self-inquire

  • You listen to your inner healer  

  • You are able to let more “good” come into your life

My clients are global from North America to Europe and Asia to Australia. They are diverse across cultures, religions, nationality, sexuality, age, gender, beliefs and value systems. We connect on Zoom.                                   

Working Together: About

Sara lovingly and compassionately held the space for me yet challenged me to push the edges in growth and breakthroughs. It’s been soul-soothing and an exceptionally excellent experience.

Lisa, Singapore

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Imagine transforming years, even a lifetime of baggage... 

  • communication

  • relationships

  • healthy boundaries

  • money and finances

  • time dysfunction

  • sex and sexuality 

  • making difficult decisions

  • your life's purpose

  • life transitions and times of change

  • limiting beliefs, negative self-talk or nagging thoughts

  • processing life events, trauma, depression, loss or grief

  • guilt, regret, hurt, anger or other emotional discord

  • unresolved issues within yourself, with another or a group of others

  • a personal internal question, conflict, challenge or a goal to achieve

Sometimes we can’t find the right words or label to describe what we want to work on. If you are not clear about this don’t worry, we’ll uncover it together.

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"Sara helped me release inner blocks and feel more connected. I was feeling unloved and had some problems in my relationships. Sara helped me deal with these problems completely and now I feel love, creativity, freedom and peace."

Anna, Vancouver

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Working Together: Text
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