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Mind Clearing

Certified Professional Coach

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Imagine having a Sherpa guide you through

your mind on a precise path past the critic,

the doubter, the naysayer.


Beyond resistance, beliefs and blind spots,

you reach a core truth you can’t unknow.

You arrive clear, resolved, inspired.

Welcome to present health

Underneath the roles we play, the armour we wear and the masks we maintain there is a wise, capable and whole true-self that can handle life with ease and grace. 
present health offers you the dedicated time, sacred space, and expert guidance needed to self-realize for empowered living.

"I've gained a deeper level of self-awareness to how I show up and I'm better able to understand my past, my actions, behaviours and choices. Life just got a little easier!"

"Sara is the perfect balance between warm and involved and yet she gives you all the space to figure things out on your own. Sara holds the space and has this incredible gift of being fully present and engaged."

Jasmeen, Vancouver

Clarissa, Germany

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