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Life coaching

Year I:
The Basics of 
Mind Clearing

Training for Coaches, Counselors, Therapists, and Wellness Practitioners

October 3-6, 2024, February 6-9, June 12-15, 2025

In 2012, Anjali Hill, my teacher at the time, pulled me aside and asked if I was signed up for Lawrence's upcoming Clearing training. I was hesitating...the time...the money...I hadn't yet registered.


"I think you'd be really good at it" she said.

More than words of encouragement, the transmission was "just sign up!"

So, I signed up, and it soon became apparent that this investment in myself would improve and inform every aspect of my personal and professional life. 


If you are interested, intrigued, or pulled in some way to this training, follow your inner voice... 



What is Mind Clearing?


Clearing is a therapeutic modality that helps to deepen how you work with your clients for sustained results and purposeful work.

Clearing Training will enhance whatever professional modality you practice.

Mind Clearing is based on the observation that inner conflicts and unhappiness are the result of unfulfilled communications and breakdowns in relating. It addresses the suffering people experience from mental, emotional, and relationship distress.

Clearing techniques are applied in the form of processing. By repeating the same instruction while staying in good contact and getting compliances, the Clearer helps the client look into an area of the mind and release layers of material until coming to an insight or free space.

Clearing takes place one-to-one, with couples, or in groups in a coaching or counselling-style setting and is effective when practiced in person and virtually.


Guiding others through the obstacles of their mind while supporting awakening to who they really are can be one of the

most fulfilling work one can do.


Year I: The Basics of Clearing Training 

In this training you will learn and practice many principles about how to successfully work with people, not only in Clearing but in any helping profession.


This training is offered in three modules to allow sufficient integration of your learning and practice. 

In each module, you will learn the foundational principles and practices that define Mind Clearing. You will learn the core set of Current Problem Clearing processes. In addition, you will cultivate your presence, listening ability, and capacity for understanding yourself and others.


Through demonstration, and both giving and receiving sessions, you will gain confidence and competence to run a successful Mind Clearing session using the Standard Session Format, unique to Mind Clearing, and the foundation to achieving extraordinary results.


The purpose of this training is to begin your process of learning to be a high quality Clearer by teaching you the Standard Session Format, how to Process, Ethics for Clearers, theory of Clearing, managing "right relationship" for providing help, and learning the core processes for Current Problem Clearing.


Mind Clearing inherently increases a person’s ability to live with more clarity, understanding, and overall capacity to navigate life’s inevitable challenges. It dissolves states of victimhood thereby cultivating a self-responsible individual who operates from the conscious awareness of one's own choice.

This training enhances your professional skills, cultivates personal growth, and positively impacts both your life, and the lives of those around you.

Learning Outcomes

This training of professional Clearers covers essential competencies, including:

  • Giving and receiving Clearing sessions

  • Expertly managing Communication Cycles

  • Helping to resolve current problems through specialized processes

  • Creating a supportive session environment

  • Develop client care, ethics, and professionalism

  • Establish the foundations of processing

Emphasizing a 'Right Relationship' approach, participants blend theory, practical skills, and ethical standards. Participants will become confident and competent in conducting effective Mind Clearing sessions, maintaining the Clearing communication cycle, and guiding others through processing with a focus on good contact, excellent listening, and deep presence, leading to sustainable and transformative outcomes.

Have Questions?

Mezrah, CA

You have such a gift for facilitation.  I’ve gained valuable insights, which have been guiding me in my interactions with folks. 

Sandra, BC

Sara is a dedicated professional focused on educating her students to take their learning in the classroom and apply this knowledge to deliver real life solutions.

Val, BC

I think that a truly wonderful teacher only comes along every once in a while.  Sara, you are my truly wonderful teacher!  Thank you. Namaste.



The Basics of Clearing

​In each module, participants will focus on the foundational aspects of Mind Clearing, emphasizing Current Problem Clearing Processes.


Live demonstrations and communication drills will illustrate and support the real-world application of Clearing Processes and participants will both give and receive Clearing sessions related to each process providing opportunities to apply knowledge in a controlled setting.


Participants will thoroughly review the training manual and Handbook, serving as comprehensive references for continuous learning.


Dedicated Q&A sessions will be included in each module, allowing participants to seek clarification, discuss challenges, and enhance their understanding of foundational elements.​

Teaching Methodology

  • Interactive Lectures

  • Demonstrations

  • Drills and Practice

  • Review of the Training Manual and Handbook

  • Hands-on experience giving and receiving sessions

  • Case Analysis and Real-Life Applications

  • One-to-one and group supervision

  • Q&A and Group Discussion

Assessment and Certification

Throughout the training, students will be mentored, supervised, and assessed via student sessions, communication drills, and a commitment to professional ethics. Graduates successfully apply theoretical knowledge, showcase practical competence and practice ethical professionalism in Mind Clearing.


Year I Mind Clearing Practitioner Certification is awarded upon successful completion of this training.

Course Logistics

Module 1 - October 3 - 6:  9 - 5 PM Pacific time

Module 2 - February 6 - 9:  9 - 5 PM 

Module 3 - June 12 - 15: 9 - 5 PM 

Location  - Virtual on Zoom


Resources and Materials

All materials are provided to you for this training:

  • The Basics of Clearing by Charles Berner

  • The Basics of Clearing Handbook







  • Attend online Module I & II training, corequisite classes, and any additional training as needed.

  • Receive Clearing sessions from a trained Clearer at your own cost and on your own time.

Your Tuition Includes

  • 96+ hours of live, in-class training 

  • 35+ hours of asynchronous learning

  • All course materials

  • Guided learning between Modules

  • Consultation and mentorship from Sara throughout the year

  • Experience giving and receiving Clearing sessions

  • Training Drills that increase your ability 

  • Practical, useful tools to utilize right from the start

  • Year I Mind Clearing Practitioner Certification 

Registration Process

Contact Sara to schedule your 30-minute Initial Interview to explore how this program can benefit you personally and professionally.


Fees and Payment Options

Major Credit Cards are accepted.

Within Canada: Electronic Bank Transfer. 

​Outside of Canada: PayPal, Stripe.


Refund Policy

Our cancellation policy does not include financial refunds. If you face extenuating circumstances preventing attendance in Module I or II, you can defer your tuition to the next available training opportunity. Promptly notify Sara for deferral assistance, and with any questions.


Guiding others through the obstacles of their mind while supporting awakening to who they really are can be one of the most fulfilling work one can do.

Gain professional skills while clearing your mind


Reduce Burnout

  • Reduce burnout and prevent feeling drained after client sessions, ensuring your professional well-being.

Manage Reactivity

  • Acquire the skills to manage your own reactivity and others' fostering a grounded professional presence.

Problem Resolution through effective communication

  • Implement the Clearing Communication Cycle to ensure clear communication and establish the foundation for therapeutic growth, mutual understanding, and effective problem resolution.

Current Problem Clearing

  • Gain expertise in the Current Problem Clearing toolkit, empowering you to guide clients in resolving life's challenges and navigating inevitable difficulties.


Authentic Self-Presentation

  • Cultivate greater authenticity and a true-to-self presence in your interactions with the world, fostering genuine connections.​

Practical Interpersonal Skills

  • Develop practical, transferrable skills in listening, communicating, and relating to others, enhancing both personal and professional relationships.

Therapeutic Benefits and Personal Transformation

  • Experience the therapeutic benefits and personal transformation that come from receiving peer sessions throughout the year, contributing to your holistic well-being.

Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Boost

  • Naturally boost self-esteem and self-confidence by gaining a deeper understanding of oneself, creating a more empowered sense of self.


Enhancement of Spiritual Practice

  • Clearing enhances any spiritual practice, regardless of denomination.

Authentic Connection with Others

  • Forge genuine connections, transcending superficial interactions, while enhancing your ability to be present, listen actively, and remain open.

Spiritual Growth Acceleration

  • Accelerate and deepen your spiritual growth, cultivating a stronger connection to your true self, others, and life.

Clearing is one of the most profound methods of personal growth I've experienced. It's transformed all areas of my life. Sara offers a beautiful blend of professional competence and approachable warmth. She is gifted at zeroing in on the important points and has real ability to articulate herself succinctly, which allows me to gain clarity and to work through my stuff quickly and with relative ease.

Jennifer Harris-Keller



Who This Is For:

Life Coaches, Therapists, Counsellors, Social Workers

Feeling drained at the end of sessions, wondering if you're making a difference? 

Gain invaluable processes and ability to help your clients while reducing professional burnout.


Health and Wellness Practitioners - consultants, bodyworkers, teachers & instructors

​Reduce your professional burnout while more deeply understanding your clients' needs.

Connect authentically with clients with embodied presence and new communication skills.

Leaders, Managers, and Business Professionals

Not sure how to motivate, inspire, or elicit excellence from your employees and coworkers?

Empowered leadership is central to a thriving workplace and to this training.


Enlightenment Intensive Masters and Senior Monitors

Gain the skills for managing the communication cycles in dyads, a deepened understanding

of what is going on in the EI, and how to work with participants.

Mind Clearing Practitioners

Review the foundations of Mind Clearing to deepen your knowledge and your practice.

Serve as a Senior Staff member on this training. Complete your Certification if needed.

Growth Oriented Individuals

Cultivate personal betterment while gaining skills for clear communication, relating, and handling life's problems.

Clearing is an excellent non-denominational method that helps deepen whatever spiritual practices you use.

Who This Is Not For:

Due to the transpersonal nature of this training, it is not for those uninterested in integrating the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience.

Those who prefer a strictly intellectual program with no desire for self-inquiry or engaging in one's own inner work.

Those who are not inclined to explore and understand the deeper layers of the mind. 

Schedule your complimentary 30-minute Initial Interview to explore how this program may be a fit both personally and professionally.

Mind clearing is an exceptional practice which has allowed me to be in life more as I truly am. Sara is an empathic, gentle guide with a clear talent. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in becoming more who they truly are.




Synchronous tRAINING

Live, online, interactive training.

35+ hours asynchronous learning

Self study and gain practical experience.

all course materialS

Basics of Clearing Manual 

Mind Clearing Handbook


A structured plan guides your learning throughout the year.


Receive one-to-one guidance, feedback, and support.


Give and receive Mind Clearing sessions.

DSC_0209 cropped.JPG

Sara Gebriel

Mind Clearing Trainer

Sara, a Professional Life Coach since 2006 and Registered Therapeutic Counselor as of 2023, has been specializing in the Mind Clearing Modality since 2013. She integrates a transpersonal approach, incorporating spiritual and transcendent aspects into the human experience.

With over two decades of experience as the Lead Instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Sara provides a structured environment for students to explore their unique paths in learning about themselves and working with clients.

Continuing her training and mentorship under Lawrence Noyes, Sara offers a wealth of insight and experience. She trains students and guides individuals, couples, and groups in resolving problems, releasing trauma effects, and achieving self-realization.

Avril, BC

Sara is so knowledgeable and can explain information like this with clarity and confidence.

Carrie Ann, BC

You are truly one of the most inspiring people I've ever met and I'm glad that I get to have you as a mentor and teacher during this path that I'm on.

Kate, BC

I just want to say how grateful I am for your knowledge, humour, and your clarity in presenting information to us. I left yesterday's class SO inspired.

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  • Why is the training offered in two periods of consecutive 5-days over 6-months?
    This format creates a focused learning experience, minimizing distractions. The structure acknowledges the importance of extended practice, reflection, and feedback for mastery, providing participants with the time and space to engage deeply with the content and stabilize their knowledge over the entire training program.
  • I have questions not addressed here.
    Great! Schedule your 30-min Initial Interview so that we can meet, address your questions, and learn whether this program is the best fit for you right now.
  • I’ve already invested a lot of money into training programs. Will this be worth it?
    The essence of this training extends beyond acquiring new client processes; it serves as a holistic life training fostering clear communication and authentic relating. Mind Clearing is a journey back to your authentic self, enriching all facets of your life. We provide flexible, customized payment plans to maximize financial flexibility. To gauge the program's value for you, reach out to Sara and schedule an Initial Interview to discuss your needs and explore the impactful outcomes of the program.
  • What makes Mind Clearing Different from other therapeutic modalities?
    Mind Clearing is like a two-in-one: you learn a professional therapeutic modality and it changes your life. In addition to its transpersonal nature, the emphasis on targeted processing and insightful outcomes distinguishes Mind Clearing as an effective and unique approach to addressing the complexities of inner conflicts, and fostering overall well-being.
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  • I want personal benefit, not professional skills. Is this for me?
    Yes. This is a life training in clear communication, authentic relating and coming home to who you really are. The sustained benefits you gain are applied and integrated into who you are and how you are in the world. Contact Sara to schedule a 30-minute Initial Interview to determine if and how this training is for you.
  • I am already a Coach or therapist with lots of training. How can this benefit me?
    Clearing is an excellent non-denominational method that helps deepen whatever professional practices you use. This transpersonal experience builds your capacity to reach deep flow states with clients while preserving your energy and reducing burnout.
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