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Enlightenment Intensive:
Unveiling the True You

A 5-Day Journey to Clarity, Authenticity, and Inner Peace 

with Sara Gebriel & Cindy Ferrige

May 16-20, 2024 


My Dear Friends,

I want to share something truly special with you.


The Enlightenment Intensive Meditation Retreat.


This unique and transcendent approach bridges the ancient meditation practice of contemplating “Who am I?” or “What am I?” with a modern  approach of sitting with another and communicating what occurs as a result of contemplation.


It is a global phenomena with Intensives happening year-round in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia since 1968.


The Enlightenment Intensive is not a part of any religion or doctrine, and there is no belief system to adopt. Everyone is welcome.


Our personal experiences on Enlightenment Intensives have been life changing.


Personally, my (Sara's) first Intensive allowed me to connect with my deepest truth and access unwavering clarity. This has become my superpower, providing a grounded presence even in the toughest moments—whether vulnerable, scared, or feeling lost, and also when I am confident and in my groove.

Cindy found profound transformation through the Enlightenment Intensive. Her experience amplified her dedication to love, compassion, and truth, guiding her to embody these qualities more deeply. The Intensive's impact has elevated her ability to facilitate meaningful connections and offer her gifts to support others on their journey to Truth and self-expression.


Join us on this transcendent journey…to break free from the conditions that hold you back and truly soar. On this transformative journey, discover the immense power that lies within you, waiting to be unleashed.


You're invited to experience a profound sense of freedom and connection and embark on this path of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Let us walk this path side by side, bound by a shared desire for growth and transformation. Together, we will unlock the limitless potential that resides within each and every one of us.

Have Questions?

Contact Sara at 778-998-5854


I recently had the honor and privilege of being in an Enlightenment Intensive facilitated by Sara Gebriel. I can say without hesitation that she led the group with exquisite mastery, holding a powerful, compassionate container for everyone involved. Sara is deeply self-aware and has a rare ability to see exactly what’s needed in each moment, whether it’s a nuanced adjustment in a student’s communication or feedback and direction for the entire group.


Sam Morris

Zen Warrior Training

Ojai, Ca

It is a sacred act to seek to know who and what you are.

People like you who are raising your consciousness know that if you want to have a greater impact in the world and serve others deeply, it is a sacred act to seek to know who you are and what you are.

We are here to support you with that.

The Enlightenment Intensive helps to shed the many layers of who we think we are, the roles we play, and our stories about ourselves while dismantling our limiting beliefs and relaxing the ego. 


Within a monastic environment we eliminate worldly distractions and create a safe and secured retreat within which to contemplate and fully self-express without any assessment, judgement, or opinion.

Imagine being deeply seen, clearly heard, and completely understood while being unconditionally received...


You are invited into the Enlightenment Intensive where you will receive expert guidance through any barriers that may arise while being deeply supported on a journey to the Truth of who you are.


All the details are on this page. We look forward to sharing this deeply transformative experience with you, if you choose to join!


With Love,

Sara and Cindy


Have Questions?

Contact Sara at 778-998-5854

Who This Is For:

Conscious Individuals

You seek personal growth, self-realization, and higher emotional intelligence.

Therapists, Counselor, Social Workers, Coaches

Reduce work fatigue burnout while being even more effective with your clients.


Educators and Teachers

For better communication skills, and the ability to connect with students more deeply.


Health and Wellness practitioners

For stronger exploration of inner states, emotions, and the mind-body connection.


Leaders and Managers

For empowered leadership and to foster an empathic and connected workplace.


Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals

Navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship while cultivating authentic connections.


Artists and Creatives

Connect to a more profound and genuine artistic expression.

Who This Is Not For:

You want instant solutions or expect miraculous changes without effort.


You want a secular or spiritual approach that aligns with a specific religion or  belief system.


You are not open to partner-assisted self-inquiry and are unwilling to do the technique.


You have certain physical or mental health limitations preventing you from fully participating in the duration of the Intensive.


You cannot attend the duration of the Intensive (Thursday evening - Monday afternoon).

My Illumination Intensive experience has been transformative, connecting me to an unfathomable peace. I have a new level of resilience and find myself handling stressors with ease and grace. My mental clarity and openness have greatly improved, and my confidence is grounded.

The Intensive surpassed my expectations. I was blown wide open, cleared of all the lies I had been holding and taken to energetic heights beyond my previous experiences.

The outcome was a long way from the resistance I felt at the beginning. Once I arrived there were struggles and questions, even doubts that I could complete the intensive. Sara's sagacious guidance was invaluable. Her peaceful demeanor, coupled with her grounded joy and expertise, provided the support I needed for this profound journey.

Having engaged in various spiritual practices, I can confidently say that the Illumination Intensive stands out for its unique and powerful impact. I highly recommend it.

Heidi Smith

Victoria, BC 


4-Night's accommodation

4-night's stay at the cozy Lazy M Lodge, Caroline AB.

Nourishing Vegetarian Meals

Delicious, and nourishing vegetarian meals will be prepared and served.

expert facilitation

All staff are experienced at guiding individuals through the Intensive.

alignment call 

30-min conversation at registration to learn  how best to support you at the retreat.

integration day

Day 5 of the Intensive prepares you to re-enter your life with the insights and wisdom gained from your experience.

group call

Reconnect with the group for a live, 90-minute video call for continued support to integrate your experience.

Misty Mountains

Full Tuition After Dec 1


Natural Steaming Mud

Early Bird Before Dec 1 



4-Monthly Payments


I have been a participant in two Illumination Intensives that were co-facilitated by Sara Gebriel, a powerful guide who led us through the 5-day illumination intensive process with ease and professionalism.  Sara’s presence is beautiful; she is insightful, and she holds impeccable space.  I had a few opportunities to meet with Sara privately during the most recent intensive where she shared her wisdom with me as she is very perspicacious.  I was well supported and look forward to future events like this where Sara is leading the intensive. 

Cindy Baez

June 16, 2023

  • Is this a very religious approach?
    No. There is no religious affiliation, doctrine, dogma, or belief system to adopt. The Intensive cultivates a deep sense of connection to oneself, others, and life. From this place, participants often feel more connected to a higher power.
  • Can I bring my own food?
    No outside food or beverages (except water) are permitted. Our meals intend to support your energy levels and enhance your meditative state of mind, body, and spirit during the Intensive.
  • I'm skeptical about whether this will really lead to the transformative results mentioned.
    We understand your skepticism. Although we cannot guarantee a specific result or outcome, the Enlightenment Intensive has a proven track record of helping participants achieve personal betterment, profound insights and transformations since 1968. We encourage you to read testimonials from past participants and speak with myself or Cindy to address any concerns you may have. The retreat's structure and technique have been carefully developed over thousands of hours of practice and tested over five decades to guide you towards a direct and impactful experience of self-awareness.
  • I'm worried about the intensity of the retreat and whether I'll be comfortable throughout the experience.
    The Intensive is designed to balance challenge and comfort, allowing you to delve deep into self-exploration while maintaining a supportive and safe environment. Our experienced facilitators are trained to guide you through the process, ensuring that you feel supported throughout your journey. We prioritize your well-being during the entire retreat. Any specific accommodations can be discussed with either Sara or Cindy.
  • I am concerned about the food and dietary restrictions. What can I expect?
    Nourishing vegetarian meals will be prepared for you during the retreat. Dinner is served on Thursday evening, and breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as will Monday breakfast and lunch. I you have dietary restrictions like eating vegan or wheat and dairy free, let us know upon registration. This will be honored and alternatives will be provided for you.
  • I'm afraid of what I might discover or experience during the retreat.
    Facing the unknown can indeed be intimidating. Rest assured, we are trained to guide you through the process and provide the support and encouragement to get you through any crisis. The Intensive is designed to be transformative and empowering, helping you gain clarity and peace of mind.
  • Will women and men room together?
    No. Women will only room with women, and men with men.
  • If I attend with a friend or family member, will we room together?
    You will not room together with a friend or a family member. This allows each individual to move beyond the layers of identity and story we have with each other and delve more deeply into our own meditation process.

I Am Ready To Register...

or ask us any questions you may have.

Thank you for reaching out. We'll be in touch within 24-hours.

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